Essay: Physical Exercise

Introduction: Physical exercise means the movement of the limbs according rules. Its aim is to keep good health and to promote vigour.

Why necessary: There is a close connection between the body and the mind. "A sound mind in a sound body" is a wise saying. If the body is unsound, the mind must be unsound. Moreover, in order to win success in life. We should have sound health which depends on regular exercise for it is physical exercise that makes our muscles strong and the body active. It also improve our power of digestion. In fact, it is impossible to keep sound health without taking some form of physical exercise.

Various forms of exercise: There are various forms of exercise. Modern games such as football, cricket, hockey, tennis etc. all are forms of health exercise.

All forms are not suitable to all: But all forms of exercises are not suitable for all men. If a weak man takes part in a game of football or hockey, he will get tired. Such exercise does him more harm than good. So he should take to a milder form of exercise. For younger gymnastics, wrestling and outdoor games are very suitable. There are people who work hard to earn their living. They need not take physical exercise. Again, over exercise does harm to health. So we should always take such exercise as would suit us.

Conclusion: We should form habit of taking some kind of exercise regularly. If we want to live a happy life we must build both our body and mind together.

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